International Platform Association (IPA) welcomes credentialed professional speakers to join our speakers bureau.    The speaker must be credentialed at a public speaker or currently listed with another bureau. 

We know speakers are really good about tracking where business comes from, so we run the IPA speakers bureau informally and ask the speaker to ask the meeting planner who they found them.Our system is designed to “get out of the way” so meeting planner can directly reach speakers.  We ask a 10% commission for booking that speakers get via their participation with IPA. 

Speakers get both the IPA Speaker Bureau Platform page free but also get a press room at ExpertClick.com our expert referral site.  There is now cost for the speaker and they can edit and update their profile 24/7 – plus include Linkedin embed, Facebook Embed, and their twitter feed always showing their most current tweets.

Speakers can register free at www.ExpertClick.com/free


Mitchell P. Davis, Director General, IPA and Editor at ExpertClick.com


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